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Spring Wedding at Aston Hall

I am 3 weeks off giving birth to baby number three... and with now a very large bump I head off to Sheffield to shoot the wedding of Vicky and James at the very beautiful Aston Hall.

When I found out I was expecting, I was a little anxious about this wedding, I was just praying I didn't get an early arrival... but I had back up plans in place. Luckily he stayed put and I can't think of a more beautiful wedding to have finished on.

It was Easter weekend and the sun was out... as in 20 degrees heat out!! Direct sun is never great in photos, especially the style I like to shoot in so I was relieved when I arrived at Aston hall to find lots of areas within the venue that had shade. This was going to make for very beautiful bridal portraits and I couldn't have been happier with the results.

Working along side me (in case an emergency did occur) was Jason Wade. Jason is a photographer friend of mine and he was incredible assisting me all day.

Vicky was super chilled out, to the point I was thinking... is this the calm before the storm??? But no... she stayed relaxed all morning even when the wedding team where knocking on the door 5 minutes before show time and she wasn't yet in her dress.

I will never forget Vicky walking up the isle, I haven't witnessed a groom cry so much before. It was so emotional and lovely to witness. Of course my own eyes were streaming... sorry its the hormones!!!

The day was absolutely perfect and I had to grab to pair for 10 minutes to get pretty sunset shots which came out beautifully,

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