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Axnoller Wedding

It was May bank holiday weekend and I set off on my long drive to Devon for the wedding of Natalie and Adam.

A journey that was meant to take four hours.... well nine hours later I arrived (damm you bank holiday traffic!) but it was so worth it when I saw the stunning Axnoller wedding venue.

I was up bright and early the next day with my new 70-200 lens and couldn't wait to get started, however the weather wasn't looking good. A huge storm was due to arrive. Googling every forecast out there it all had the same pictures... clouds with lightening!!

This wasn't going to be an easy one photography wise but I knew I would still make it work.

When I arrived I was met by Natalie who was already looking picture perfect with no makeup on. It was a really relaxed atmosphere and breaking the traditions Natalie and Adam had stayed the night before the wedding together, eating treats and watching their favourite show, family guy. This couple were absolutley adorable and I couldnt wait to get my kit unpacked and get snapping.

However the elephant in the room was this looming storm.... Having dreamed of an outdoor ceremony, it was looking less and less likely. An hour before the ceremony, the event planners said they believed it was best to have it inside. My heart sunk for Natalie.

However this Bride had her own gut feeling. Despite what every forcast was predicting, she was determined to have it outside. The decision was made. The team at Axnoller began putting the chairs outside and slowly the clouds began to clear.

Then, like some sort of miracle , 30 minutes before walking down the aisle, the sun was out!! Whoever was watching over Natalie that day...thank you!

Natalie got the dreamy light images she wanted and I too was a very happy photographer.

As the rest of the day unfolded, it was filled with laughs and lots of happy tears. The speeches were filled with stories of Natalie and childhood best friend and chief bridmaid Kate growing up. The best man even had a wedding day message from Adams favourite person......I mean favourite place in the world....Nandos!

After the first dance it was time for me to head back on my long journey to Yorkshire, but not without first filling up on yummy goodies from the events team at Axnoller to keep me going on my road trip!

Thank you Natalie and Adam for letting me share your special day with you.

Venue Axnoller


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