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Bout ye? 

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What's The Craic?

Who is this Irish artist who lives in Yorkshire?

Being a daughter of an Irish artist and Granddaughter of a photographer its in my bones to be artistic. 

You couldn't walk into my house growing up without falling over a painting or canvas so it's no surprise I took this direction within my own career. 

I moved to England in 2005 to study Fashion and after 10 years working in the fashion industry moved onto the other side of the camera. 

I never put my camera down, even when not working if I see nice light I have to run to it , which usually means paying my kids a couple of quid to model for me! (They are business savvy it would seem!)

My happy place? North coast of N.Ireland.  It has the most perfect backdrops for images, amazing light and amazing people. 

My home? Leeds, I married a Yorkshire man and very much love Yorkshire life which is similar to the beauty of Ireland. 

Where to I work? When I am not in my studio I am all over the world for weddings and fashion shoots , Italy is a favourite of mine, Paris, Mallorca and New York are all on my shooting list for 2024. 

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