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Falcon Manor - Laura & Tom

This was a very special wedding for me as I was working alongside two of my best friends Patrick and Duncan- the duo that the the UK Glam Squad

When it comes to hair and makeup these boys are one of the best teams around so I knew Lauras images would be even more stunning with their incredible work.

When I first met Laura and Tom I just clicked with them. I couldn't wait to be their photographer. Laura has to be one of the sweetest souls out there. A piano teacher and Tom is a doctor.

The morning was running so calmly with-the added fun of having the Glam Boys there...never a dull moment when they are around.

Laura's brother a paster, took the ceremony so I was even more special and Toms brother played music as Laura walked down the aisle. It was such a personal ceremony.

We had a giggle during their couple shoot with their best man adding humour throughout which gave some gorgeous natural smiles.

The room decor at falcon was cosy and glamorous, perfect for a winter wedding. I loved a bridal portrait that I took of laura, the light was just right and she looked like a bride from the cover of a magazine.

The speeches were filled with laughs, I knew none of the personal jokes but was crying with laughter.

It was such a perfect day and I can't that Laura and Tom enough for letting me share it with them.

Hair and Makeup Uk Glam Squad

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