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Hampton Manor Christmas FairyTale

I couldn't believe my luck when I got booked for yet another wedding at the ever so beautiful Hampton Manor. This has got to be one of my favourite wedding venues.

When I arrived I went straight up to meet Shanna and her girls. The room was busy with all of her bridesmaids, makeup and hair teams and lots of nieces and nephews all giddy about the day ahead. Her sister in law was trying to get her own baby to sleep, walking the corridors of Hampton Manor (I know that feeling having 3 kids of my own) so you can picture the scene, very busy with an air of excitement. Shanna was as cool as a cucumber.

I took her wedding dress and accessories off to do some shots around the venue, sometimes I like to do this to get a different areas of the the venue in the images. Hampton has a beautiful bright room where they serve afternoon tea, I got beautiful detail images in there.

Shanna had her beautiful bestie help get her into her dress and I felt so lucky that I got to share such a special moment with the girls.

The ceremony was of course very emotional (I can't help but cry!) with a family member of Shanna's singing a traditional Irish wedding song- being Irish myself and an emotional wreck at ceremony's my eyes were streaming - don't worry the images were still totally in focus!!

The couple could not have asked for better weather for their winter wedding day and we got outside for their couple images , despite Ash saying he didn't like having his photograph taken he was a total pro and made my job so easy.

The evening was finished off with sparklers which is always fun and Ash stuffing Shanna's face with the wedding cake, she of course still looked incredibly glamorous!!

I hit the road back to Leeds to get ready for Christmas with my babies!

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