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New Years Eve at Colshaw Hall

'I can't believe you are working on New years eve!?'

This is what a lot of my friends said when I told them my plans for seeing in 2019. Well, I have two children under 3 and I am 5 months pregnant so I think its clear to say my raving days are over!! Therefore I was VERY happy when I got booked for Laura and Soot's special day.

Winter weddings are always magical , however light is never going to be on our side. The couple didn't get married until 3pm so time was against us when it came to their couple portraits. I had about 15 minutes to capture as much as I could before it got dark. Soot and Laura made it clear they didn't want to be away from their guests for too long, so I worked as fast as I could and with the help of their chief bridesmaid Kayleigh we got stunning couple shots.

The pair booked me until midnight so I could capture their first moment of 2019... no pressure for me!! Well as the clock struck twelve and the confetti fell from the celling I got the cutest first image of 2019 and I had to give myself a little pat on the back as I drove home up the M62 that night!

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