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Andy & Caroline - Belfast City

When I got confirmed for Andy and Carolines big day I was over the first Belfast wedding.

I am a home bird at heart and even though I am based in Yorkshire I am still back and forth every 6 weeks as I am super close to my family who all still live in Northern Ireland. I don't think they have ever forgiven me for marrying an English man and never returning after university!

I would love to be able to come home more often with work over there so this was my chance to show Northern Ireland what I've got!

The big day arrived and off I set on the 10 minute drive from my mums to Caroline and Andy's house - this is what I love about Northern Ireland everywhere is so close!

Caroline was her usual relaxed self and Ruby their little girl was already upstaging the bride and being the star of the day. She really is character.

I was snapping away all the little detail shots around their interesting home, moving furniture about like always- I do seem to become a bit of a furniture removal company on wedding mornings!

Cheese on toast was made my Carolines mum, and I need to stress this was the BEST cheese on toast I have ever eaten!! I cant stop thinking about it... even now my mouth is watering!

The ceremony took place at the famous Ulster museum where Andy seemed cool and calm. It was a perfect ceremony with Andy's other daughters doing the readings and Miss Ruby was on her best behaviour throughout the service.

The couple didn't want hours of photos so after the ceremony I took them quickly away for no more than 10 minutes for couple shots. We headed to the Palm house in Botanic Gardens, 100 yards from the museum. The couple were clearly smitten and it took no time at all to get the romantic images they wanted.

Then it was back to their home for the reception.

Andy is a chef and owner of some of Belfast's favourite restaurants including The Mourn Seafood, Home and La Taqueria. So to say I was looking forward to this wedding breakfast meal is a bit of an understatement. The couple really looked after me and I have never eaten so well at a wedding!!

After the emotional speeches and food it was time for the real party to start, and boy was it a good party. Everyone let their hair down to the amazing live band and I got some great dance floor shots.

It was then time for me to go... but first I got my takeaway pizza that was made fresh at the pizza oven. Yup, this wedding really did have a LOT of good food.

Thank you Andy and Caroline for choosing me to capture your perfect day, and heres to hoping its the first of many Northern Ireland weddings!

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