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Yorkshire Summers Turning Three

To mark my biggest boy turning 3 I did what every other mother would do and dragged him to a corn field with his younger brother to eat cake and pose for photos!

Being a photographer you would assume I have lots of gorgeous pictures of my own children...well embarrassingly I don't. When I get home from work I spend my time editing shoots of other peoples kids and so never get around to photographing my own! However its time to change that. Spencer turning three has made me realise how fast these years are going so I 100% intend to take lots more snaps of my boys as they grow.

I had passed this field filled with hay bails and knew I had to do a shoot in it. So we all set off in the cardog and all (however he didn't make the cut for the images!) and surprisingly the shoot went really well. Spencer loved running up and down the field dragging his brother along with him and of course the promise of cake at the end gave me more time to keep snapping.

Thank you Mr Farmer (whoever you are ) for not shouting at us and letting us use your field as the perfect back drop for my alternative cake eating birthday shoot!

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