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Viva Las...Cheshire

On February 3rd, I headed excitedly down the M62 for the fabulous Vegas themed wedding of Phil and Joanne. Phil had popped the question in ‘Sin City’ when the couple were holidaying there in 2017.

On hearing this couple’s epic proposal story, I knew this wedding would be a special one:

'We went for lunch in the Paris Hotel on the strip. On our first night in Vegas, I met with Phil's friends and we played beer pong in the Flamingo hotel where we were staying - it was ace!’ Joanne described. Then to top it off, Phil asked: ‘Do you know how last night you said it was the best day ever? Well, today is going to be even better!’

‘I started to cry!’ Joanne gushed. 'Do you know what I'm going to ask you?’ Phil enquired. ‘I said ‘yes!’ Joanne describes as if it was just yesterday, the special moment that Phil got down on one knee in the restaurant and asked her to do the honor of becoming his wife. ‘I couldn’t stop crying!’ she explains emotionally. ‘We went to a reserved table in the Paris Hotel bar with Phil's friends afterwards. I had nipped to the toilet and as I came back to the table I said to Phil 'I need to stop telling people I'm engaged!’ He laughed and replied: 'Yes you do, why don’t you tell your best friend instead?’

‘I looked round in amazement to see that my best friend Hollie was sitting in the bar! Shocked does not cover the emotion I felt. Phil had arranged a limousine for all of us to Freemont Street and we went on the zip line through the light show - one of the best days of my life!’ describes Joanne.

On the big day itself it wasn't what you would call ‘perfect wedding weather’; it was fairly cold, windy and wet. However, as an enthusiastic photographer I love to embrace a challenge and I knew with a few adjustments to my camera (and a large umbrella) we could make it work photography wise.

I hadn't been to the venue before and so had a run around when I first arrived to look at capturing the best spots. However, (note to self and other photographers), DON'T wear ballet pumps on a wet day to a wedding! As you can imagine, I rather embarrassingly slipped swiftly onto my bottom while concentrating too hard completing some ‘details shots’ outside the venue; nobody saw - (I hope)!

Luckily, with my camera and dignity just about still intact I headed up to the bridal suite to shoot the beautiful bridal party. It was a busy room; Joanne has a gorgeous little boy called Addison and several nieces and nephews which made for a really relaxed and fun family vibe in the room. However, photography wise it was a little chaotic; so being the perpetual perfectionist that I am, I did a lot of moving things about to make the room look picture perfect!

The ceremony was beautiful and there was, as predicted, a lot of tears and emotion when Jo and her dad walked down the aisle. We even captured a few laughs when Phil accidentally said 'unlawful wedded wife' during the couple’s vows; luckily Jo quickly corrected him!

After the ceremony it stopped raining, so I grabbed the couple to capture the moment that the weather was right, and off we went for some intimate shots around the grounds of the hotel. As an avid weather watcher (occupational hazard!) I knew we only had about ten minutes before the rain started again, so I had to work fast.

The Vegas theme ran throughout the day with tables being named after all of the iconic and famous Las Vegas hotels. Shortly after the wedding breakfast, there was even a roulette and black jack opportunity for guests and a beer pong table set up which looked like amazing fun and helped to capture the essence of the couple and their fantastic engagement!

Las Vegas really did come to Knutsford on that special day...

Venue: Mere Court Hotel

Dress: Mori Lee - Confetti Box

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