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Who is she?

Where did they find her?

I need to be totally honest... My dream job isn't to be a photographer.  Sorry, what I would love to be is the 5th member of Little Mix...However I'm a thirty something mum of three who can't sing or dance so I made the decision to do my second dream job on the list, photography,  and I have never looked back.


So I'm Charlotte.  Mum to three boys,  Pinot Grigio lover,  former model and former official real life Barbie for toy company Mattel ( seriously was a real job!). Originally from Belfast I moved to England for my degree and  much to my mother's horror I married an English man and we now live happily ever after with our three very wild boys! 


Having worked as a model I've experienced both sides of the business, giving me invaluable added insights. This allows me to direct my clients in ways which make them feel comfortable, find their best angles and give them images they will love. 

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